Autumnal Vibes


Miniature House Portrait painting

Acrylic on Paper

Image + Mount Size 15 cm x 15 cm

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A Flush of Florescent

The otherwise monochrome palette of this naïve miniature house portrait is vibrantly punctuated by the fluorescent of the orange red, representing the glow of the season from which this house portrait was taken.

AS with all her paintings Kerry is inspired and takes her cues from what she observes on her walks through the local area. Often a building will catch her eye. Sometimes this is for the character and features of the house, church etc. Occasionally she is also captivated by the colour she sees around her and the contrasts within that scene.

Some of these places then make perfect studies for her miniature collections which are then mounted to set them off beautifully in a surround of warm white.

Best of Seasons

Though it is not unusual for Kerry to be ambiguous in all but her winter scenes (snowy fields and snowflakes are a bit of a give away) about when the in the year her paintings are set, she has nailed her colours to the paper, so to speak:

“There was something so inspiring about this home she observed surrounded by the blazing reds of Autumn that it was too good to resist.”

It could be a temptation to add more to these miniature house portraits especially in the background but Kerry is of the firm belief that the space into which they are placed gives these buildings the chance to sing on the surface without the distractions of anything they could be surrounded by.

‘Autumnal Vibes’ is further enhanced by its generous warm white mount. The mount measures 15cm / 6inch square and therefore its easy to find an off the street frame in which to place it, in a colour and finish of your choice. It is a stunning miniature house portrait.


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