Abbey in the Mist


Acrylic on Paper – FRAMED

Image + Mount Size  – 150 x 150 mm

Frame Size  – 185 x 185 mm





A Whitby Abbey Artwork

‘Abbey in the Mist’ is takes its inspiration from the cliff-top ruins of Whitby and is inspired by the most famous piece of literature based there – Dracula. This mini painting of Whitby Abbey packs a lot of punch for such a small piece. Its spooky atmosphere of the abbey shrouded in mist adds to its mystique.

Climb the 199 steps from the winding harbour streets up to the grounds of this once thriving medieval structure and its easy to see why it draws so much attention. Kerry has re-created this famous pathway in this gorgeous little artwork.

Kerry has indeed visited this place on more than one occasion but it was watching the storm clouds roll across the bay on one particular visit that inspired her to re-create her own version of this icon Yorkshire landmark.

Of course being a British Naïve artist Kerry has shaped the scene before her into one which is re-created in her own whimsical style. Key features remain but the interpretation of them is the artists own.

Impact of Black and White

By limiting the palette to shades of grey she is able to add atmosphere that might otherwise be lost in a busier palette. While she has employed all her usual techniques to the paper to create this image she has done so on a teeny tiny scale. To add to the drama she has also chosen to add highlights of silver foils to draw the eye and to let us as the viewer take a closer look.

This fabulous little painting has also been mounted in an off-white card and then into a black frame ready to hang. The painting’s mount is of a generous size for the size of the artwork.

This painting of Whitby Abbey will find space on any wall thanks to both its neutral palette and petite size


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