Cliff Top Cottage


Coastal Seaside Image

Acrylic on Paper

Image + Mount Size 15 cm x 15 cm

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Kerry has created a wonderful tiny painting in Cliff Top Cottage.

The monochromatic seaside coastal artwork fits beautifully within the body of her miniatures artwork. Like her other miniatures, Kerry fixes her gaze to the textures on the paper alongside the stylised way in which the buildings she portrays are represented.

As with the vast majority of her paintings the buildings within them are based on actually places. This is no exception though she may have exaggerated a few of the features for artistic license.

It could be easy to be tempted into filling all of the space within the frame but as Kerry’s experience has taught her to get the best impact from her work sometimes the blank spaces can be the most effective. The use of white both in and around the image, are key in making this marvellous mini work for the overall composition.

Recording The Coast

Drawing on her first-hand experience of walking around the coastal paths of the British Isles, Kerry has drawn on her observations of the small hamlets and villages and the buildings that have been created within them. For the artist it is sometimes the smallest seemingly least likely significant of these that very often grabs her attention. It gives context to larger more imposing spaces and helps us to appreciate what is laid out in front of us and it these which the artist seeks to record.

By using a different texture within the pebbled stone walls she also subtly lets our eyes, as the viewer, appreciate the overall structure of the building she is portraying in paint.

With a warm white mount measuring 15cm / 6inch square this monochromatic seaside coastal artwork painting is set beautifully and ready to hang in a standard size (off-the-shelf) frame with a colour and finish of the buyers choice.


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