Lunar Harbour


Acrylic On paper with gold leaf – Framed (Wooden/Black)

Image + Mount Size 150 x 150 mm

Frame (black)200 x 200 mm

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This Nighttime miniature harbour painting is one of serenity and calm.

The monochromatic palette employed by Kerry, lends itself beautifully to the subject matter; that of a nighttime harbour beneath a star-studded sky and bathed in the warm glow of a full moon.

As with all her paintings Kerry has employed all her usual techniques and she as ever has placed the tiniest of details into the work using the smallest of brushes. Lots of fine layers have been included in the painting to build up the scene in a way that is eye-catching. Every time you look you will be delighted to find yet another detail you may have missed on first glance.

By embellishing the piece with real gold leaf this painting will quite literally, always shine.

The full moon has been gilded as the star of the show but its ripples on the water also shimmer reflecting the pull of the moon on the tides. On this occasion however we get a sense of peace and calm with a star filled bright clear sky.

Its easy to create our own dialogue with the picture before us. You can easily imagine this little coastal community nestled snuggly in their beds. Thinking perhaps, they’re safe in the knowledge that the fishing boats will easily find their way safely back to the harbour. It is as if the moon has been placed like a night-watchman over the village, to light the way home and highlight the fact that all is well.

This beautiful petite painting comes ready to hang, mounted in a soft white card and framed in a contrasting black wooden frame. At this scale and with this neutral colour palette this artwork will sit easily in any interior for all to admire.

Lunar Harbour is a wonderfully unique and well-executed nighttime harbour painting just waiting for a space on your wall.


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