Moonlit Cathedral


Acrylic on Paper – FRAMNED

Image + Mount Size – 150 x 150 mm

Frame Size  -185 x 185 mm




Lincoln Cathedral at Night

This miniature naïve cityscape painting is of the historic Cathedral Quarter in Lincoln. The cathedral itself takes centre stage while the buildings around it serve to highlight the ancient city landscape.

Firstly it IS Painted  – yes that’s right PAINTED in acrylic using the teeniest of brushes. Kerry’s attention to detail is at its brilliant best with this piece. You could easily be forgiven for supposing that this is a pen and ink drawing as even the smallest features of these tiny building portraits have been completed with brushes that the artist has modified to make even tinier, achieve her aims.

What also makes the composition successful is her limited colour palette. The monochromatic scheme helps to set the night-scene beautifully. By placing just shades of two colours on the canvas there is a depth to this night-time painting.

With a super-moon depicted in silver foil and a sky filled with stars there is a sense of stillness and calm to the picture. Its easy to imagine taking a moonlit stroll through this pretty townscape. The black and white only enhances its pretty setting.

Buildings – A Historic Legacy

Kerry has included buildings of historic note for Lincoln City Cathedral quarter which include the castle and gatehouse and many of those that can be discovered walking down the ever-famous Steep Hill. The stone and timber medieval framed building jostle for space, alongside their later Georgian and Edwardian counterparts. The cobbled, tree-lined streets also give rise to the sense of leafy and well respected avenues that surround this ancient city and its treasure trove of heritage sites.

In such a diminutive painting the artist’s skills of what to leave out and what to include always play a vital role in making an accomplished composition. This painting may be tiny but its scale plays a huge part in what adds to its success. At this level the viewer is invited to draw closer to observe and appreciate the creation of this miniature naïve cityscape painting.


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