Teal Pebble Cottage


Miniature Mounted Acrylic Painting

15 x 15 cm

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Petite Perfection!

‘Teal Pebble Cottage’ is a seaside harbour cottage painting completed in acrylics by the artist Kerry Shearer. Kerry works in a style she describes as British Naïve tradition where the focus is as much about the ‘feel’ of a place as it is about recording what she sees.

She takes places and buildings and records them in her own whimsical way, often focusing on colour and texture rather than accurate representations of what she has witnessed. This in turn leads her work to having a playful element and ‘friendly’ quality for the viewer.

Letting you enjoy the coast:

Influenced by the coastline she walks along and the village communities nestled within the coves and valleys Kerry has used a colour palette which defines and echoes these landscapes. The blues she has chosen here hint at the turquoise found within the coastal waters off the shores of the UK. Keeping the colour palette simples serves to highlight that this artwork is inspired by the seashores.

As with all her miniature cottages Kerry has also carefully considered her use of white space surrounding the image as this enhances the focus of the piece without distracting the viewer.

The painting is completed on heavy duty acrylic paper and has been mounted within a soft white card. The dimensions of the mount being that of 15cm /6 inches square. This means the piece can fit any standard size ready made frame so that you can choose the colour and style with which you want to place the painting. It will hang nicely as a stand alone piece or will sit well with other miniature paintings such as ‘Prussian Blue’.

This beautiful little seaside harbour cottage painting is waiting for you to give a lovely new home!


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