Dawn in Pretty Port Isaac


Acrylic on Canvas

280 x 355 mm

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Relive the magic of a perfect coastal dawn in this wonderful depiction of Cornwall’s famous seaside town.

‘Dawn In Pretty Port Isaac’ features Kerry’s signature Naïve painting techniques. This naïve coastal art sunrise shows use of vibrant colour. A deliberate quirky style gives a sense of friendly optimism for the new day ahead.

There are subtle layers which seen most acutely in the sky. The artist has captured the contours and ever-changing light in the thinning clouds. They look almost ready to break apart to let in the full strength of the summer sunlight. Tiny fragments of a pre-dawn sky are melting away to be replaced by the rosy glow of a rising sun. Here’s the promise of a blue-sky displayed in the reflections on the water.

The village is waking up ready to throw out its arms and welcome the visitors in to this otherwise sleepy seaside harbour. Buildings that lean and tumble cheek by jowl with their neighbours. They hint at the way this tiny fishing port has been adopted as a beacon for all things Cornish. Throughout the recent decades but feeling the depth of centuries long community. Each small painted cottage playing its own significant role in giving the village personality.

Whimsical Fun

Though this painting is unapologetic for its sense of fun and whimsy the peeling back and scratching into the layers of paint also give the surface a sense of depth which adds to the painting’s overall characterful feel.

This once quiet backwater has now become a ‘must-see’ landmark on the Cornwall tourist trail. Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to take a meander gander down these tiny bijou streets? Just imagine, with this naïve coastal art sunrise hanging on your wall you too could have your very own piece of this Cornish coast.

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