Port Isaac Sunset


Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

600 x 800 mm (Frame 630 x 830 mm)



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Imagine owning your forever perfect sunset? Well now you can!

As part of her Port Isaac naïve art series, ‘Port Isaac Sunset’ is a picture-perfect portrayal of this idyllic Cornish village.

This captivating acrylic landscape portrays the Cornish coast at its finest. Painted in her very own unique Naïve style Kerry has re-created one of Cornwall’s most iconic landscapes. Rose tinted clouds glow and gently shimmering waves dance as the summer sun slowly sinks below the horizon. The stillness and calm portrayed through her pastel colour palette is made all the more interesting with shadows cast on the surface of the canvas from use of carefully considered textured layers. Every minute brick, stone and pebble is painted to perfection.

Seaside Landscape Perfection:

As your eye wanders over the canvas its easy to imagine wandering this seaside landscape with the warmth of the summer sun on your face and the sound of waves gently washing over the sand in the bay.

In this enticing painting the heady throng of day trippers have all but disappeared. Homeowners are settling in for the night. As you take a deep calming breath so too does this beautiful village. Sighing with relief that you can have the place to yourself once again – well with this painting you actually can!

Feel the serenity with gentle pinks and muted turquoises. You are getting a privileged glimpse of this wonderful seascape in a way that no-one else can. She’s showing you at her magical best!

No wonder Port Isaac has been chosen as the stunning backdrop for a certain well-known TV series. It encapsulates the quintessential English coastal village.

With this Port Isaac naïve art you too could own a piece of this glorious ‘real’ estate. Sunsets can be fleeting however perfect they are but this vision of one is yours to treasure forever.


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Dimensions 600 × 800 × 20 mm


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