Out on a Shout


Acrylic on Canvas

300 x 400 mm

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This coastal landscape painting is full of the drama of the British coastline. A lovely tribute to the many volunteers around the UK coast.

Kerry along with her family is a supporter of the wonderful folks that make up the RNLI. These VOLUNTEERS often put themselves in harms way to go ‘Out On A Shout’ as seen here in this story telling coastal naïve art.

The magnificent British coast has a draw for those living there. Afterall no UK resident is ever more than 70 miles from the water’s edge. A beautiful coastline as changeable as the weather.  Shown here in its deepest inky blues the Atlantic swell has made its way to the bay. White flecks contrast sharply to highlight the spray of sea foam.

It’s no accident that the RNLI boats are painted in bright orange. As any artist knows if you want to highlight something use a contrasting colour to the ones surrounding it. These rescue vessels are not to be easily missed!

This iconic colour fizzes on the canvas against the blue. It’s why Kerry has used variations of this and bright peachy pinks in what is otherwise a very nautical blue painting.

Hues of ash blue are put to great effect in the sky to create the dramatic storm-clouds and sharp lines of black and white have been added slashing across the landscape and buildings. This is no gentle drizzle but rain falling in stair rods. The narrative scene here is all the more captivating mesmerising for it.

Help for a good cause:

This perfect story telling coastal naïve art could be yours to ponder each day. Not only will you be able to own this wonderful painting but as 50% of the proceeds will be going to the RNLI. So you’ll also be helping the many volunteers who risk life and limb to help those in need along our fabulous British coast.

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