Starstruck – The Doc’s House


Acrylic on Canvas

250 x 250 mm

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This starlit, nocturnal naïve art Port Isaac painting, is set to make a huge impact hanging on any interior wall.

The iconic Cornish Cottage featured in the hugely popular TV series Doc Martin is one many make a pilgrimage to see.

In Kerry’s unique painting Naïve style this acrylic canvas highlights all the recognisable features of this well-known coastal cottage. Be entranced with this scene over-looking the bay it rises up surrounded by it’s cliff-side gardens. Nestling among the other buildings on this stretch of the hillside.

Typical of Kerry’s paintings the quirky buildings and perspective give a sense of character and narrative to the artwork.

Colours & Techniques

The inky blue-black sky and surroundings are punctuated by her clever use of bright neon pinky oranges. ‘Poranges’ as she refers to them. Undoubtedly your eye is drawn to contrast and you cannot fail to notice the star-filled sky. These elements are then echoed in the flowers dotted around the picture. A feast for the eyes.

Layering the paint and then employing sgraffito techniques Kerry gives the surface of the painting a sense of depth. Likewise though the perspective may not be life-like there is a sense of believable proportion where the sparkling waters in the foreground are reflecting the shimmering stars of the night-time sky above.

Accordingly considered colour palette in this seascape means you’re invited into the narrative of the painting. To look and look again. This nocturnal naïve art Port Isaac painting has a dream like quality. Light and shade show night has fallen. Though we see no figures they’re suggested. You imagine they are there just behind closed doors nestled safe and sound in their beds.

As a result, you’re enchanted into a world of serenity and calm. It is a safe and happy world.

Its sense of peace could be yours to enjoy for years to come.

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