Hillside Homes Port Isaac


Acrylic on Canvas

265 x 205 mm

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This bright Port Isaac seaside art colour palette leans more towards the traditional turquoise blues.

As the cosy homes and cottages tumble down towards the quayside in her quirky style Kerry has created another stunning vision of a Cornish Summer’s day.

Perfect for any room, either traditional or contemporary. This wonderful painting ‘Hillside Homes – Port Isaac’ by British Naïve Artist Kerry Shearer is surely a piece for all to admire!

A fabulous scene depicting the beautiful coastal village. Adding fine layers in many shades of blue to the sea gives it a sense of gentle movement. E.g. you can almost hear the waves lapping at the waters edge.

The subtle muted pinks and greyish browns add a warming tone to this image. Straightaway you get a sense of a little harbour town basking in the rays of the sun.

A Sense of Character

The cottages look like they’re jostling for position and have personalities of their own. This is a deliberate ploy by the artist to give the painting a sense of the characters that might reside in them. Each one waiting impatiently to welcome visitors in. The buildings are of course based on those from the iconic fishing village. You might even spot one or two you recognise. Either from a visit of your own or from one of the many TV series that have been filmed here.

Employing her usual fine layering techniques and sgraffito Kerry has added depth to the surface of the painting. Rather than using just one flat colour this serves to highlight those tiny details and helps bring out the key characteristics of the homes and bustling shops.

Capturing the clear blue sky and sea of this special stretch of Cornwall’s coastline, so the view can be enjoyed again and again is what this artwork is intended for. This little Port Isaac seaside art paradise, could be yours to treasure forever.

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Dimensions 265 × 205 × 20 mm


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