Louisa’s Cottage in the Cove


Acrylic on Canvas

200 x 200 mm

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Savour coastal memories every day with this gorgeous stormy Naïve artwork of Port Isaac.

Even without knowing that this idyllic cottage is regularly seen in the ever-popular TV series Doc Martin, its iconic Cornish features are certain to be a winner on any interior wall.

Surprisingly ts not always sunny at the seaside. This painting reflects the everchanging atmosphere that this Cornish coastline faces as it sits on the edges of the North Atlantic.

By rearranging the position of the cottage to face the sea you can almost feel the wind whirling around the bay. With a little artistic license for dramatic purposes you surely taste the tang of salt in the air. It’s being whipped up by the storm.

Shades and Hues

Fine subtle layers in hues of blue and purple with blurred edges have created a sense of enormous storm clouds. Watch as they sink below the horizon adding a sense of vastness to the sky beyond the roofline.

Here Kerry has used her Naïve style to great effect. She invites you into the narrative of the scene in front of you. The little white cottages with all their textured details feel like a haven from the weather. They hunker down once more to face the on-coming rain and winds. They steadfastly protect those stashed safely inside.

In sharp contrast to this is the sense of energy. The churning sea heaves with flecks of white paint splashed across the canvas over a layer of marine blue. These blues vary in their depth of colour like the depth of the sea in the bay itself.

With her thougtful approach to composition and colour Kerry has creates an image to keep you returning to it again and again. This charming stormy Naïve artwork of Port Isaac is set to make a huge impact hanging on any interior wall.

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