Stargazy Port Isaac


Acrylic on Canvas

410 x 510 mm




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A whimsical Portrayal of Port Isaac:

Take a wander through the starlit streets of this beautiful Cornish Town

This whimsical nighttime coastal art – a quirky portrayal of Port Isaac – is certain to bring a smile. Each and every time you look at it. With acrylic on canvas British Naïve artist Kerry Shearer has brought her own unique interpretation of this special coastal village. You may have heard the term Stargazy before in reference to a local delicacy but here the intricate small details bring you delectable image in this wonderful contemporary artwork.

Colour & Contrast:

Contrasts of light and dark in the painting are what make the image work so beautifully. There is a clear conversation between the deepest navy blue sky and the glittering whites of the stars and moon. All reflected onto the cottages in this cosy coastal scene. Pin-point shocks of pink carefully manoeuvre your eye around the painting. Y ou can appreciate all the tiny details of the buildings and flora in their carefully choreographed glory. The play of shadow and light creates a soft glow all around the surface of the image. The dance of tiny paint splashes in contrasting colours for the sea reflect the starlight sparkling on the tranquil water’s surface.

A ‘Sea of Stars’:

You can imagine underneath the subtle layers of paint on the canvas lies the secrets held by those residing in each of the buildings. The narrative of the picture is one of a safe haven for the residents collectively smiling at the beauty and tranquillity of the space in which they live. In this nighttime coastal art Kerry has created a lullaby as well as a picture. One that can gently rock you to sleep whilst imagining being in this safe and calming space. With this Naïve painting you too could own your very own piece of this picturesque Cornish Village. It’s certain to bring a touch of this magical place to any interior.

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