Hillside Harbour View


Acrylic on Board – Framed

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280 x 355 mm

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Fabulous Sunset Artwork

What a gorgeous seaside view of this is.

A delightful Cornwall naïve art sunset by British Naïve artist Kerry Shearer. She’s providing you with a wonderful coastal view of Port Isaac every day.

This harbour painting is inspired by the view you get when looking out across the port from the top of Church Hill. From this vantage point you take in the whole vista of this special coastal landscape. You can see across the roof tops to the bay. You get to delight in spotting all the familiar landmarks of this beautiful seaside cove.

To begin with Kerry captured in acrylics the warm glow of a Summer’s evening. Fine layers of paint and texture help breathe life into the scene.

All the Character of the Coast in a Painting

You get glimpses of the north Cornish coastline as your eye wanders down to the harbour. It’s a joy to behold this beautiful little town in Cornwall. This very edge of the West Country’s landscape, sits prettily on the fringes of the North Atlantic Coast.

She’s depicted the fishing boats at rest. They’re bobbing in the water awaiting their next outing. The sky above are reflects the sea. Glints of sunshine depicted in tiny pink freckles of paint laid over the top of the turquoise and marine blues.

Naïve perspective conjures an image of playful whimsy. You’re invited to take a closer look. You’ll be delighted to spy something you had missed on previous inspection, each time you do. Looking carefully you’ll notice minuscule details giving the buildings their character.

Buildings are based on ones you can find when you visit this iconic part of Cornwall. You might even recognise some of them from the many programmes such as Doc Martin that have been filmed there.

This delightful, unique view of a Cornwall naïve art sunset could be yours to own and will brighten up any room.

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