Moody Skies Over Port Isaac


Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

300 x 300 mm (Frame 370 x 370 mm)



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Port Isaac Magic

If you love the British coastline you’ll love having your very own seascape view.

In this entrancing Port Isaac stormy coastal scene artist Kerry Shearer conveys the true nature of coastal living.

Waiting for you is this atmospheric contemporary paintin from Naïve artist Kerry Shearer. You can celebrate what it means to be living on the edge of the North Atlantic coast.

Seascape references in paint:

The is sea reminiscent of an oyster shell in both shape colour. With it you get an immediate sense of the narrative and setting of the piece. Against the backdrop of the incoming storm pretty Port Isaac makes a valiant effort to remain a calm safe haven. Harbouring those living and working along this magnificent shore. Gaze and smile upon the quirky buildings. This whimsical style lends itself to the notion this place has a sense of history. This is not the first or last storm it will ever see.

Typical weather-worn cobblestoned and white clad buildings are all referenced here. Texture within the painting is important. Where the artist has employed her own sgraffito techniques it indicates the touch of human hands. How they  have helped to shape this little stretch of the Cornish coast.

There is true drama conveyed in the movement of the water. The inky deepest blues contrasting with the white foam in the waves of the Atlantic swell. This water is dangerous but no less mesmerising for it.

Looking at the subtle layers of dark and light pigments in the sky you get a sense the clouds rolling in and the wind speed picking up, as the wind pushes in clouds from the west.

The best part is of course that you can enjoy this Port Isaac stormy coastal scene everyday from the comfort of your own cosy home with no worry that you’ll be caught in the ensuing rains.

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