Purple Rain over Port Isaac


Acrylic on Board – Framed

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280 x 355 mm

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‘Purple Rain over Port Isaac’ captures this beautiful harbour in the twilight just before the rain begins.

Magical naïve art of a stormy seaside this coastal seascape by British Naïve artist Kerry Shearer.

The air is electric with the energy and force of nature and the depiction of changing light encapsulates this beautifully. The build-up to an approaching thunderstorm can be seen in this artwork where the pinks and blues collide in a profusion of purple hues and tones.

Kerry has chosen a carefully spectrum of colours. These capture the moment when the intense heat of a summer’s day is about to hit the colder in-coming air of the storm clouds.  Turquoise waters, speckled with white, are just beginning to show signs of the first ripples of the wind blowing across the surface. Darker tones at the edge of scene hint at the tempest about to descend.

Key Elements

A beautiful day. this quintessential Cornish village is about to experience something dramatic. Kerry uses flashes of bright pinks and shades of what she lovingly refers to as ‘porange’ (that mid-way point between pink and orange). Contrasting beautifully with theese are purples in the rest of the scene.  Highlighting the drama that is about to unfold.

As with many of her paintings there are no figures in the scene but the buildings represent the community that live there. The artist employs the techniques of Naïve perspective to give innate objects ‘character’. Some of the houses seem to be leaning away from the waters edge as if they sense in which direction the heavy rains are about descend. Others lean towards the storm as though ready to face the ensuing deluge. They all nestle together in support of each other however.

With its enriched narrative this beautiful naïve art of a stormy seaside landscape will captivate the viewer time and time again. It would be a brilliant addition to any interior.

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