Star Spangled Sea


Acrylic on Board – Framed

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280 x 355 mm

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Star-filled nighttime landscape of Port Isaac

This Naïve seaside moonscape painting created by British artist Kerry Shearer is an enchanting.

It’s brilliant artwork of this wonderful part of the British coast. Set against the inky velvet sky painted with the deepest of blues lies the sleeping fishing village of Port Isaac, Cornwall. All the iconic buildings are nestled there. Each individual one lending overall character to the familiar seaside coastal scene. As always Kerry has taken special care to include the minute details. The surface is overlayers of acrylic paint. Consequently scraping back into these to reveal the underlying texture and colour. The expansive use of blues gives the picture cohesion. Subtle shades of grey-blues accentuate how the seaside town is bathed in a soft moonlight.  These in turn hint at a nighttime shadowed landscape. Many layers of deep turquoise and indigo mixed with teal give a sense of depth to water in the bay. A million sparkles dance on the surface of the sea. They glitter, dots reflecting not only the star-filled sky but also the colours of the surrounding walls and flora.

Colour & Details

Contrasting shades of ‘porange’ (in artist Kerry speak – orangey-pinks) keep your eye dancing around the canvas. Consequently this is just long enough to notice the smaller details you may have otherwise missed. This Naïve seaside moonscape painting colours serve to soften the scene. Here gentler pinks and ‘poranges’ represent the flora that abundantly grows. It can be spotted along the cliff edge and in the gardens of fishermens’ cottages. With this artwork hanging on your wall you’ll get to experience the serenity and calm of this balmy peaceful evening each time you look at it.

Additional information

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Dimensions 280 × 355 × 3 mm


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