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Image SIze 260 x 260 mm

Mount Size 370 x 370 mm

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A beautiful Coastal Seaside painting by Kerry Shearer, completed in her usual Naïve style.

This painting is one of a peaceful day where a light breeze is playing along the shore line ready to carry the boast with it past the picturesque cottages. The play of light gives a hint to the ever-changing skyline and the ‘gods fingers’ that pierce the clouds. Its lovely to see the light dancing on the water as well as the light surf kicked up on the boats bow waves.

In this composition of the coastal landscape the colour palette is an understated one.

This is in direct comparison to the bright colours usually employed by the artist. Nevertheless this is pitched perfectly to highlight the subject matter. Fine layers and glazes have been built up on the surface of the canvas to convey the depth of the water and the warm light on the surface of the sand.

Coastal blues, turquoises and yellows are muted tones as are the pinks that are almost imperceptible on first glance but which lend their name to the title of the artwork. Delicates flowers in these hues are added to the foreground over the top of much deeper tones in the picture. This gives the image a depth it would otherwise lack.

As a print the picture benefits from a proportionally wide crisp-white mount which beautifully frames the image. This giclee print is produced on the highest quality of printers and a papers that allows you to see the details that were laid down in original painting.

The bay appears to be a secluded one as there is a lack of presence of anyone walking on the pinks sands. Its easy to imagine having the place all to yourself in this coastal seaside painting – how lovely would that be?.


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