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A Beautiful Landscape Worthy of Paint

If you want to have the latest in landscape paintings from a British Naïve artist why not invest in this painting of Greetham created in the artists own unique naïve landscape style? This artwork forms part of a series called ‘Towns and Villages’ in which Kerry has set out to capture the beauty and character of her own local area. Based in South Lincoln and on the border of Rutland the area has often been likened to that of the Cotswolds.

An eclectic mix of whimsy and fun….

The eclectic mix in styles of local buildings has been portrayed with elements of whimsy and fun. Carefully considered layers add dimensions that no architect in real life is likely to contemplate but this does mean that the buildings themselves are given their own character in place of figures throughout these contemporary artistic pieces.

Her naïve landscapes serve to invite the viewer to consider them in the light of their ‘inner child’ in much the same way as we might have contemplated the first pieces of artworks we ever encountered in our first illustrated books. Delving back to a time when our minds were open to a wealth of possibilities that our adult brains had yet to dismiss.

It is with this in mind that we might stop to take a closer look at the paintning and to consider the careful mark-making the artist has employed in order to create a depth to her pictures. The fine layers are manipulated to let the highlights of underlayers shine through and this allows us to focus on each of the buildings unique features in a way that a smooth surface wouldn’t be able to do. It is the artists own unique naïve landscape style, which makes this painting such a joy to be hold and one that can be treasured for many years to come.

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