Stamford Spires


Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

300 x 300mm (Frame 370 x 370 mm)

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A Town of Whimsical Spires

With this Naïve Lincolnshire landscape painting, the beautiful church spires punctuate the horizon of Stamford in Lincolnshire. With its historic architecture of this beautifully preserved Georgian Town it is easy to be drawn into the picture. You can imagine yourself walking through this picturesque landscape. All encapsulated in Kerry’s unique style.

Here, the landmark buildings of this Georgian town are set against at glowing sunrise. Using subtle layers of paint the skyline has been blended in a way that makes it seem alive. A moment in time captured in all its delicate glory.

This notable location will be familiar to lovers of many an historical drama. Yet Kerry’s portrayal of such a place brings a freshness to the familiarity of it.

No visit to Stamford would be complete without a stroll along the River Welland. The river runs central through the town and the surrounding meadows are often the centre point for meetings and events.

As is The George Hotel. Its bridge spanning the High Street is iconic situated just across the Town Bridge.  Each of these have been captured in layers of paint to give the overall scene some truly recognisable features.

A new perspective on a very old town…

As with all of Kerry’s compositions there is a sense of playful fun. Buildings may pop up not quite where you’d expect them to be placed and their sense of whimsy adds character and charm to this Naïve landscape artwork.

Using a variety of layers and techniques the painting has been built up so that your eye moves around the picture. This is a deliberate ploy by the artist who, by doing so, invites you to look. And look again.

Each time you come to admire this Naïve Lincolnshire Landscape you’ll be finding some new and quirky detail you may have missed on previous inspection! One to keep you and your guests entertained for the ages to come!

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