The George


Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

200 cm by 250 cm Image Size

275cm  x 325 cm Framed Size

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A Local Treasure Captured In Paint

Local to the artists studio, Kerry has captured this historic Lincolnshire building in her unique and recognisable naïve landscape style. Set it in the Georgian Town of Stamford, close to the River Welland any local will tell you that this building encapsulates what makes this local area so special.  Full of character and quirky buildings it lends itself perfectly to the artist’s own whimsical naïve style.

Each one of Kerry’s paintings has a carefully considered colour palette which serves to highlight the atmosphere which she has poured into creating for each piece and this small but perfectly formed artwork is no exception. With a warm autumnal vibe it serves to compliment the soft butter coloured stone of The George Hotel whilst also highlighting the greenery surrounding it.

Making Her Marks

All of Kerry’s artworks contain a series of layers applied in a variety of styles, some of which are scratched back into. This mark-making is key to providing an energy and cheeriness to the piece and helps to appeal to the viewer. The very thing which appears simplistic on a superficial level is what in actual fact makes these work so sophisticated and unique.

Learning to edit to leave out rather than always include helps the painting appeal to a wide audience. It helps to connect with the viewer in a way that without this process, wouldn’t be possible

It is the intention of the artist to make the viewer question their pre-conceived notions of perspective, proportion and colour. To make them stop and think and consider and to see something possibly familiar in a new fresh light.

Kerry manages this with each painting that she creates in her recognisable naïve landscape style

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